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“Try us and you will not regret it, we have the best food in the area”

If you want a quiet and cozy atmosphere then search no more. Welcome!

Chef's Recommendations


Stuffed and marinated meat loaf with homemade...

Beefstake (300 g)

Octopus under a baking bell

Minimum for 4 people.

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 8am-23pm Sat-Sun 8am-22pm

Customer Testimonials

Mary R.

It’s atmosphere is homely. But the food was heaven and so very authentic. Our landlady told us to order the homemade cheese, olives, and roasted peppers and ask for the fried bread to go with it. So we did. The cheese was phenomenal, but those puffed cubes of bread were To Die For!! Our landlady also told us to order the homemade macaroni (which were twisted pasta pieces) with meat sauce. So so so good. The best pasta dish ever.

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